Design Tips: Go Retro Style For Your New Home

The retro style has been going around every passing decade, ever-enduring, and encompasses through any time’s span. Commonly described as the trends, influences, and styles of the past, ranging from the year 1970s all the way back to the 1950s. Interior designs with retro inspiration most likely have brand new, a mix of items from the past, second hand. People who are old-fashioned are usually charmed by old objects due to the art it holds since it is believed that the significance of an object deadens in the length of its time. The combination of the art of antique, new, and second-hand objects—in other words, retro style.

Go Retro Style For Your New Home

When you think of retro styles, it is never laid-back and boring. If it is anything, it would be eclectic, unique, and abstract. Retro depicts bold characters, in arresting colors to busy patterns of fabrics, most likely fun, and spirited feel. If you are set on channeling the 1950s to 1970s feel, the retro style for your new home is fit for you!

Loud and Busy Designs 

To materialize the spirit of the ‘50s to 70s into your new home, the furniture and its furnishing fabrics are usually designers and slick styled with unique features. Retro style has most likely something to do with uniqueness, thus furniture with abstract form, where it is worthy of the spotlight. This is why it is important to put into consideration when choosing furnishing fabrics with various graphic patterns. For instance, sheets with geometric or animal patterned furnishing fabrics for the couch and sofa set.

This is not only limited to furniture. Accessories your walls with busy patterned wallpapers. Loud and busy patterns could also be applied to any fabrics such as curtains, textiles, and vinyl, upholsteries, couches, throw pillowcases, carpets, and rugs.

Scared At Being All Out Retro?

Start with noticeable features like figurines, art pieces, and furniture inspired by the early nineties. Retro objects are usually made out of metallic, smooth polished surfaces. This includes placards in bold fonts and color, classic old-style retro landline phones, and such.

Splash Colors All You Want!  

            The perks about retro style are, there are no restrictions on particular schemes and constricted color coordination. Fortunately, it is not hard to achieve the retro feel in colors. You can apply all the vibrant and fun colors in one room without having an unsightly and disorganized feel. Either furnishing fabrics in citrus orange, crimson red painted walls, and added with lime yellow and green touches.

Matcha and avocado green are also popular colors that are present in retro themes. Including the combination of black, brown, and white shades. The best way to have these kinds of shade noticeable is to apply to bulky features of your home like furnishing fabrics of your curtains, rug, throw pillow cases, couches and sofas. It could also fit well with cabinets, drawers, and walls.

Abstract Add-ons

We have mentioned that retro style usually has something to do with uniqueness, thus abstract objects should be put into consideration to live up to the retro style standards.

For one, feature art pieces with artists like Picasso and people with the type of art style. Definitely, a great element that screams retro and the art speaks abstractly itself. Unfortunately, art pieces coming from Picasso are out of this world price, so the least you can do is to find the same art style as him or a carbon copy of his work. There are alternatives like portraits of famous icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Showcase your collection of vinyl records in the heart of your room alongside your vinyl record player which is truly a great asset for retro style.

Display glass figurines and polished items with distinct, smooth shapes. Retro objects are usually built out of metals. It could be in a form of a lampstand or a lampshade, stoneware vases, telephone, grandfather clock, old bulky TVs, and such. If you like, you can finish it off with neon lights, in bright red, green, and blue colors.

Fancy Kitchen

Go for kitchen appliances and cabinets that have bright and bold colors. There are retro-styled kitchen appliances that are designed retro but are brand new. Refrigerators that have the surface like vintage van and 50s inspired stove and kettle. If your kitchen appliances are eye-catching enough and indicate retro, coat your shelves, cabinets, and drawers with muted shade to create contrast. Consider black and white textiles aligned like the ones in the chessboard to create that early nineteen hundred fast-food chain restaurant vibe.

If you have not found the perfect retro-styled dining set, don’t fret! You can innovate and make use of your old dining table set by coating vibrant colors which are according to your preference. Add some furnishing fabrics like table cloth and table napkins to complete the look.

All for a Fine Bedroom

Bedroom tells a lot of you. It is a reflection of the character and a manifestation of your sense of style. As for your bedroom, you can also apply famous portraits of your favorite early nineteen hundred icons along with your collection of vinyl records. You can also include aesthetically captured photos of retro filters, either your photo, captured by you or a couple of photos from the internet.

In terms of furnishing fabrics of your bedsheets, curtains, pillowcases, blankets rugs, and such, choose from your trusted trade-only fabric supplier, wherein you can choose a variety of furnishing fabrics of your preference and needs that can meet up to your expectations! You can find geometric printed fabrics for various purposes, vibrant and fun colors, and other fabrics with busy patterns, perfect for achieving your retro dream new home!

If you want a home that is like a scene that came out straight from magazines, retro style is best in showcasing daring features, wild prints, and a fun environment! There is something about the retro style that screams a different level of sense of taste. And the love of antique objects tells us so much about oneself, which is a spirited, bright personality, and one who sees value in the course of time.


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