Drywall texture: How to choose the right one for your home?

Drywall texture- How to choose the right one for your home

A textured wall enhances the aesthetics of a room and adds uniqueness to it. In addition, choosing the right drywall texture can transform the dullness of the room into more of a welcoming one.

Your home is not just a living space. Instead, it is like a heaven to you and making it like heaven needs dedication and planning at the same time.

In the blog, we will discuss drywall texture. We will also explain how you can choose the best of it to make your home look more beautiful like never before.

Explore Different Types of Drywall Finishes

While choosing a drywall texture, homeowners get confused about which one to go for. Finishes for drywall come in a variety of options. Choose the one that complements your room and seems to fit naturally in the picture.

The article is about several drywall finishes that you can consider before going for drywall texture.

How to choose the right Drywall texture?

It is important to ensure the right drywall finish, you need to have a sufficient amount of money in your account. If you are committed to this planning, you can even lookup borrowing options like loans guarantor non-homeowner funds.

These will bring quick funding to your favor that you can utilize to enhance the value of your property. Thus, while selecting a texture, consider the room’s design, shape, décor, and overall ambiance of the room.

Analyze whether the room color you choose for the drywall mix well with the aesthetics of the room or not.

There are some finishes with thick and noticeable lines and crevices. On the other hand, you can go for a simple finish that is smooth and texture-less. Individuals generally consider a smooth finish that is minimalistic and goes well with ongoing renovation trends.

Varieties of Drywall Textures

There are a dozen of drywall textures to choose from that fit a variety of themes, styles, and decorative choices. Here are some of the most widely adopted drywall textures.

1)  Sand Swirl Drywall Texture

Sand swirl finish combines two drywall textures with sand spraying and combing techniques. Brush bristles are used to create the textures.

It could be complex as to using Cs spirals. The swirls can be pre-applied on the mud bed. The texture created by dipping the brush in mud and then on the walls is simply soothing. It is a bumpy texture and gives your room a distinctive touch.

2)  Orange Peel Drywall texture

As its name suggests, it gives the impression of an orange peel. The best thing about it is that it is long-lasting and primarily found in Spanish-style homes. The surface flaunts gentle curves, which set the drywall texture apart from others.

Moreover, it is readily available in renovation stores. You won’t have to travel shops-to-shop for it. Make sure you contact the right contractor that helps you identify the proper use of orange peel drywall texture. The texture is typically applied to ceilings in homes.

3)   Skip Trowel Texture

The texture is quite popular among homeowners. It is created by using a skip trowel to apply mud directly on the wall. It is all about keeping the knife at the right angles while imprinting the design on the wall. The knife that passes the surface leaves behind a beautiful texture to stare unblinkingly.

Moreover, this multi-textured layer coiled up in circles gives a professional finish. If you are doing it DIY, consider the movement of the knife and maintain the consistency of the mud.

Watery paint may run down the walls, ruining the texture. And too thick will be difficult to spread on the wall and get the desired texture. Therefore it is essential to talk to experts before doing it.

4)   Popcorn ceiling texture

Popcorn ceiling texture is the best drywall texture in your home. It is popular among homeowners for its appearance. The texture is also known as cottage cheese texture.

Its uneven distribution over the surface makes it popular. And apart from this, it shares the benefit of slight dampening. However, the texture is in-and-out of vogue and rules the hearts of home renovators and owners.

If you want to get rid of it after a year, you can get painted another texture over it with great ease. It is because the texture is hard to remove.

5)   Knockdown Drywall Texture

As the name suggests, knockdown drywall texture is created by applying the paint and then dragging down a drywall knife over the surface. Because of this, spray knockdown drywall texture is also called stomp knockdown texture. Here, the homeowner can either stomp or spray the paint on.

However, knockdown imagery can be created using minimal shadowing on the surface with a subtle effect. The knockdown texture is created by using a knockdown knife and, for special effects, one can use a knockdown drywall toolkit. It is all about getting the right knockdown angle.

6)   Crows Feet Drywall texture


This texture is almost similar to the stomp brush texture. Two oval stomp brushes are mounted side-by-side to make a crow feet brush. If you look forward to a neat texture and want to cut the effect in half, you can go for crows’ feet drywall texture.

The style is created by applying mud to smooth and clean drywall and creating effects using a brush with stiff bristles. While painting the pattern, the experts push the mud upwards, and hence, the texture gets its name.

Although it reflects an exemplary finish, the major drawback of this texture is the dust gets settled in the spaces. But despite that, it is one of the most adopted texture styles by homeowners.

In the Nutshell

Here are some popular drywall textures you can choose from for your next project. If you lack the funds to apply them, you can even go for easier borrowing options like bad credit loans with no broker, but from a reliable direct lender.

No matter what texture to choose to go for, consider hiring a professional drywall painting contractor instead of doing DIY for a professional finish.

Thus, add depth to your room and blend any imperfections with a touch of excellence.

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