One professional must know HOW TO CLEAN THE FLOOR TILE. Blood can be spilled in the bathroom due to cuts, falls, or more serious situations like crime or suicide. In the case of the latter, you will see the floor covered with blood and other biological fluids, which require urgent professional crime scene cleanup. Cleaning the tile on the floor is not easy at all, especially when the blood is dry. Before you start cleaning the blood from the tile, you should properly disinfect to protect yourself from any biohazards in the blood. Of course, you should know that it’s impossible to quickly clean up blood spills, completely remove blood stains and restore your bathroom to its original state unless you use professional crime scene cleanup services.

However, if you don’t have an opportunity to turn to the crime scene cleanup services right away, you can try to clean the mess yourself.


Step 1 of how to clean a floor tile

Wear gloves to protect your hands from both blood and cleaning products that you may use to clean bathroom tiles. It’s very important to do the cleaning in gloves because blood contains various hazardous viruses and microorganisms which can be harmful to your health. In addition, you will definitely use various cleaning products which also have abrasive properties which can negatively affect your skin. It’s also necessary to wear a special face mask to prevent viruses and harmful bacteria from getting into your body.

Step 2 of how to clean a floor tile

Disinfect the bloodstain. If you don’t have professional products used by crime scene cleanup services, you can use household bleach which is available at most retail stores. Dissolve bleach in cold water, pour it into a plastic spray bottle, stir thoroughly and spray or pour a water-bleaching solution onto the blood. To date, there is a large number of detergents that clean the surface of the tile. For old and dry stains, try using a special cleaning product for tile. Do not use acid-based cleaners as they may damage the seals. Always rinse cleaning agents thoroughly with clean water. Unglazed tiles should be re-coated with tile sealant after washing. Remember that you shouldn’t mix different types of cleaning products and never mix ammonia and bleach or products that contain them. Vapors from this mixture are hazardous to your health.

Step 3 of how to clean a floor tile

Wipe the affected area with a towel, rag, or paper towel. Wet the area again with the bleach mixture and let it soak in until the solution evaporates and the bleach smell disappears.

Step 4 of how to clean a floor tile

If you need to scrub the tile surface in order to remove the traces of dry blood, use a hard sponge or either a soft-bristled brush or a brush with plastic bristles, as metal brushes leave rust marks on the seams. Professional crime scene cleanup services use special equipment to deal with seals, so you can find out what it is and buy it on the Internet or dial the phone number of the local crime scene cleanup services and have them cope with the cleaning.

Step 5 of how to clean a floor tile

Rinse with a damp sponge or cloth and let the area dry. It is an important part of HOW TO CLEAN THE FLOOR TILE

If you really need to scrape the surface, use a brush with plastic bristles, as metal brushes leave rust marks on the seams. Do not use cleaners containing soap as it will dull the surface of the tile.

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