5 Signs That Birds are Nesting in Your Roof

While birds seem harmless outdoors, they can become a great nuisance once they start invading your home. There are many 5 Signs That Birds are Nesting in Your Roof. More importantly, they can cause many harmful diseases and/or health problems to you and your family. So once you have noticed them making a home out of your roof, make sure to call your bird control Sydney experts as soon as possible. 

Birds nesting in your roof is an urgent concern that requires your immediate attention. You have to act quickly since the longer you allow them to stay on your property, the harder it will be to get rid of them later on. Worse, a small flock can easily grow and turn into a large infestation. But how exactly can you tell if you already have birds nesting in your roof? Here are 5 signs you should look out for. 

Signs That Birds are Nesting in Your Roof

1. Birds are Fixated on Your Home

Usually, birds will fly directly to a feeder. But if they are making direct flights to and from your roof, which has no food or whatsoever, then they might be making it their home. See, birds will be fixated on a particular spot where they leave their nest. In this case, your roof. So watch out for birds flying near your property, perching above or beside your roof, or keeping watch over your home. 

2. Bird Cries and Noises

Pay attention to the sounds around you. If you hear unusual noises, especially a whining sound of a nestling eager to be fed, then it’s highly possible that you have a bird infestation in your home. A chirping noise is also usually enough to confirm you have birds invading your property. Other sounds to look out for include walking and scratching noises. 

3. Nesting Materials 

Do you notice outdoor rug threads, feathers, grass, twigs, leaves, straw, and pine needles scattered around your home? This can be a clue of birds gathering materials for their nests. Not only is this a bother, but it can also block your gutters and drainage systems – which can potentially lead to damp damage.

4. Damaged Goods or Stocks

Another sign of birds nesting in your roof is damaged goods or stocks. This can be caused by the pecking or fouling of birds, which can cause contamination. For example, they may find their way to your stock of grain, flour, and other types of food products. As a result, you’ll be wasting food and risking your health. 

5. Bird Droppings

The last sign that you have to look out for is bird droppings. Birds are known to make a mess wherever they go. So once they start nesting in your roof, expect your home to be covered in their droppings pretty soon. 

If you notice bird droppings, make sure to avoid coming in contact with them as they pose a big threat to you and your family’s health. Simply breathing in bird wastes can lead to certain harmful diseases, including salmonellosis, psittacosis, West Nile Virus, histoplasmosis, bird flu, and more. Not to mention that they can carry parasites too, which can be transmitted to humans. 

Need a Pest Control Sydney Service?

While you can try to remove birds from your roof by yourself, getting the services of professionals is safer, faster, and more effective. Plus, they will ensure you are following local bird protection laws if any. So instead of relying on DIY traps or repellents, which can be costly and inconsistent, call Service Now Trades and let us get rid of your bird infestation problem in no time. We will also prevent them from coming back to your home permanently.

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