Disinfecting the Carpet and Making them Dirt Free

Disinfecting the Carpet and Making them Dirt Free

If there are large area rugs, small throw rugs or wall to wall carpeting option, then all of these will accumulate lots of dust, dist, allergens, bacteria and grime regularly. Children and pets will too bring contaminants in the house from shoes and feet and thus, add up bodily fluids due to coughs and sneezes. These will settle down on the surfaces and carpets are going to have bacteria and dist almost everywhere.

Once you get ready for carpet cleaning, it is essential to see that there are certain differences in sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of houses and public places. When the surface has been disinfected, it will stay the same till it gets touched by the contaminants again. Soft surfaces such as carpets are really difficult to disinfect due to their construction, size and rough surfaces. But you can lessen the level of bacterial contamination by a great extent.

How frequently you should clean the carpet

You need to vacuum the carpets several times in a way to eliminate loose soil, dirt or dust. Deep cleaning has to be done at least two times in a year. If someone is sick in your house with some communicable disease or has weak immune system, then it is suggested to do more frequent cleaning of the carpet.

What you require for carpet cleaning

  • Necessary tools or equipments
  • Steam cleaner
  • Circulating fan
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum

Essential materials for cleaning the carpet

  • Clean the dirt with distilled and white vinegar
  • Disinfectant or sanitizer which is FDA approved

Necessary instructions to follow for your carpet cleaning

How you can disinfect washable carpets

  1. Get rid of loose debris – You need to take your carpet outside and give proper vacuum or shake in order to eliminate all the loose debris.
  2. Select the settings of your washer – Choosing a top-load model or a front-loading washer that does not have a center agitator will adjust with your large carpet much better than a top load washer of standard size. It seems to be worthy enough for a laundromat that consists of larger washers. Make sure you select hot water option, as suggested for taking care of your carpet
  3. Add sanitizer and detergent – When you choose a laundry detergent with sufficient enzymes, this will help to get rid of all the dust and grime. You can also add a disinfectant such as – chlorine bleach, pine oil, or Lysol Laundry Sanitizer after going through the description of your product being used.
  4. Dry your carpet properly – If you are using a cotton carpet in your house that does not have rubber backing, then try to tumble dry on extreme heat. When your carpet cannot endure high heat, you should allow your carpet for air dry.

How you can clean as well as sanitize your carpet

  1. Clean your furniture off the carpet – Before you start with thorough cleaning of your carpet, shift the furniture as much as possible to clean those areas too. In case you cannot move the furniture, try to place small plastic pieces below to avoid rust or stains from damping the carpet.
  2. Vacuum properly for eliminating loose soil – Before you decide to clean the carpets properly or perform wall-to-wall carpeting, make sure you vacuum away allergens, dirt, dust and loose soil.
  3. Choose a good solution for cleaning – The carpet cleaners usually consist of surfactants and enzymes to get rid of unwanted stain marks and dirt. This can help to lift them at the surface and then wipe away properly. These cleaning products do not disinfect or sanitize. You need to search for a cleaner that has disinfectant for sanitizing your carpet properly.

Before you think of using a cleaning product on the carpet, make sure you test it on the fibers in the spot so that it may not lead to discoloration. Try to spray the solution on the fibers and allow it to sit for at least five minutes and then blot by using a white cloth. If you find the color is transferring, then make sure you do not use this product on your carpet.

  1. Use a steam cleaner – It is important to go through the instructions of your manufacturer for the steam cleaner. After this, you need to follow the instructions for the cleaning solution so that you can steam clean your carpet.

    If cleaning the area rug is present on the hardwood floors, then you should try to protect wood floors by using plastic sheeting in order to avoid water damage.

  2. Air-dry your carpet – You should let the carpets to air-dry for eight hours at the most or if possible, overnight.

Tips to keep the carpets dirt free

  • Place mats that can be washed inside as well as outside the entry areas for catching extra bacteria and soil.
  • Remove the shoes you wear outside before walking on the carpet.
  • Vacuum as many times as possible every week to get rid of allergens, bacteria and soil completely.
  • Bathe pets often and try to keep them outside.
  • Ask children to wash feet and open their shoes outside.

Thus, you will have to book online for carpet cleaning in London and get the work done by experienced cleaners. This will enable to make the carpets completely dirt free and maintain them for a long time.

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