Biological fluids are the most epidemiologically dangerous contaminants of all found on the surfaces in health care facilities. These include: blood and body fluids mixed with blood, serum, and excretion of patients (sputum, liquid feces mixed with urine or water, vomit, urine, fluid after rinsing the throat, saliva, semen, vaginal discharge, etc.). The issue of disinfection after the biological liquids spills is especially relevant for crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA, because any crime implies that surfaces are covered with blood, which might be infected with various deadly viruses. Indeed, contamination containing blood is a major hazard for crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA and other cleaning companies due to the possible transmission of parenteral infections such as hepatitis B, C, and HIV, which can have extremely life-threatening consequences. Apart from these well-known viruses, there’s also a risk of contracting a disease caused by the Ebola virus, which is also transmitted through direct contact with blood or body fluids (eg, urine, feces, vomit, saliva, sweat, tear fluid, and semen) of a sick person or through exposure to objects for example, needles) that have been contaminated with infected blood or other body fluids. Studies show that the highest concentrations of Ebola virus are found in vomit, blood and feces compared to saliva, sweat, and tear fluid, which means that all surfaces must be thoroughly disinfected. 



Numerous scientific studies state that effective disinfection of surfaces can be performed only after thorough cleaning of visible contaminants. That’s why crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA firstly clean the surfaces with professional cleaning products and only then get down to disinfection.


The general scheme of cleaning and disinfection of contaminated surfaces with biological fluids is the same and typical for all the above types of contamination. The main difference is the initial stage of processing the surfaces, which directly depends on the amount of spilled liquid on the surface:


• small contaminants (drops or splashes) are disinfected twice, combining the first disinfection with mechanical cleaning;

• large spills are neutralized by crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA in several stages: pre-disinfection of the contamination, then its mechanical cleaning, and only after that the final disinfection of the surface is carried out.


Crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA take care of large spills of biological fluids using solid (granular or powdered) disinfectants, which are applied directly to the contamination. 


Since biological fluids contain protein and fatty substances, crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA use disinfectants that contain surfactants, which provide effective cleansing action.

Professional companies like crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA must use disinfectants that have passed the state registration procedure.


Personnel of crime scene cleanup services Gainesville GA must perform all work in accordance with anti-epidemic measures, using personal protective equipment. Disposable auxiliary products used for disinfection of biological liquid spills are disposed of after disinfection. Reusable auxiliary items (mops, rags, scoops, brooms, buckets, protective equipment, etc.) must also be thoroughly disinfected. 



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