Plumbing SIC Code 1711 For Plumbing and Heating

Plumbing SIC Code 1711 For Plumbing and Heating

SIC Code 1711 is the business classification code for plumbing. In the United States, this code system is commonly used by the US government for statistical compilation, analysis, and classification purposes. Plumbing is one of the many specialized industries within the NAICS Code system, with numerous specializations including Heating Contractors, Sheet Metal Work, Refrigeration, Dry Well, and Water Treatment. Plumbing contractors are considered a specialty within this SIC code category.

Plumbing SIC Code

SIC Code 1711

If you want to target plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning professionals and top-level executives, the SIC Code 1711 for plumbing and heating is for you. This list includes the contact information of these individuals, as well as other data fields. It is an industry-specific list and is the perfect marketing resource for a wide variety of plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning businesses. In addition, it includes all essential marketing details, including the most relevant contact details.

The Plumbing industry has a SIC Code 1711 under the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and NAICS codes. Plumbing contractors are part of the construction industry, which includes sheet metal work. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) classifies plumbing contractors under industry 1711, but plumbers and heating contractors fall into different SIC codes. For example, plumbing contractors fall under SIC Code 1711 while HVAC contractors fall into industry 1761.

General Liability Class Codes

Whether you’re involved in commercial or industrial plumbing, it is imperative to understand your GL Class Codes. Plumbing businesses are subject to many different risks and hazards, and these are represented by the General Liability class codes for that specific industry. Below are the codes for common plumbing jobs and what they mean. If you’re unsure of which code applies to your business, please visit the National Council for Construction Insurance to learn more.

Your general liability class code is a group of numbers that help insurance companies categorize a business and assign appropriate rates, coverage, and exclusions. These codes also allow insurance companies to group businesses and collect statistical data, which affects underwriting. The USA Business Database offers codes for more than 35,000 industries and their general liability policies. These codes are useful for any plumbing business. However, you may want to consult your policy documents to make sure you understand what they mean for you.

In addition to the GLCC, plumbing contractors may be covered under a separate insurance policy. As long as you have a separate policy covering plumbing, a contractor may be subject to vicarious liability for accidents that occur while completing renovations. Since renovation work falls outside of the scope of a flower shop’s services, a general liability policy won’t pay out for injuries caused by a renovation project.

GL insurance protects your business against lawsuits. If a customer gets hurt while you are working on a residential home, a GL insurance policy will pay for legal fees and any damages you incur. A homeowner who uses a residential electrician service might experience a similar situation when an employee accidentally leaves the water running while working on a residential home. The customer may file a class-action lawsuit against their insurance agency because of false information provided to them by the company’s insurance agent.

NCCI Class Codes

You should know the NCCI Class Codes for plumbing contractors. Plumbing contractors are often responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing equipment. They must have insurance coverage for workers who perform plumbing services. In addition to avoiding liability issues, choosing the right class code can also help you improve your bottom line. In Indiana, for example, plumbing contractors make $1.68 per $100 in payroll compared to $0.35 for clerical work.

When choosing the right class code, it’s important to remember that it’s not universal. States vary greatly in what they consider to be a plumbing company. Some states, like Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, don’t use the NCCI classification system at all. Other states, however, have their own sets of “state special” classifications. These may not be identical to the NCCI classification definitions.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance assigns different class codes for different occupations. These codes are assigned to each occupation, based on its risk and type of work. There are different NCCI class codes for different industries, and plumbing is no exception. The following article will explain the classification process for plumbing and piping workers. We’ll discuss the types of workers’ compensation class codes and their definitions. It is important to understand the difference between class codes and the NCCI classification.

While the NCCI classification system outlines the various class codes, the main difference is the rate structure. Plumbing workers’ compensation rates are much higher than clerical workers. The plumber class code, for instance, is higher than clerical workers. For example, a plumber may be covered for $168 per hundred dollars of payroll, while clerical workers only pay $0.35. The rate structure also reflects a person’s wage level, which means that it is important to pay a full year’s wages for the coverage to be effective.


You can easily find out which companies are classified under the SIC Code 1711 for plumbing. The SIC code system is a highly detailed classification system that is used by the US Government for statistical classification, compilation, and analysis purposes. For example, SIC Code 1711 describes plumbing businesses and includes several specializations, such as Heating Contractors, Sheet Metal Work, Refrigeration, Dry Well, and more. It is a great tool for marketing your business.

To learn more about each SIC code, visit the website of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. You can also check out a list of plumbing companies by searching for a specific code on the SEC website. The SIC code, as well as the SIC codes of the different businesses, is a great place to begin. It can also help you identify which plumbing companies are located in the same city or region.

Mailing list

If you’re looking for a Plumbing sic code mailing list, look no further. You can purchase this database from various sources including Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the North American Industrial Classification System. Each of these databases will have email addresses, contact information, and other information on them. The best part is that you can use all of the information to build custom email campaigns that will be effective in reaching your target audience.

SIC Code 1711 Mailing List is the perfect resource for your targeted audience in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Heating industry. You can narrow down your mailing list by including more details than just SIC 1711, such as job title. This list is perfect for email marketing deployments and telemarketing calls. When you’re targeting the right people, this list will provide you with a highly targeted audience that you can use to promote your products and services.

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