14 Most Common Types of Quilts You Need To Know

Most Common Types of Quilts You Need To Know

All the traditional civilizations of the planet can claim a bit of the history of quilting. The creativity needed to return up with beautiful digitizing designs and the fun of finding the acceptable colour combinations and the precision needed to match the blocks make quilting a gorgeous and functional hobby worth being hooked in to. 

If you’re a beginner to the planet of quilting, you’ll want to understand what you would like to make, before anything. Here in this article, we will talk about the 14 most common types of quilts you need to know. 

Puff Quilts

I don’t know whether Puff quilts are often called quilts as there’s no quilting involved in making these quilts. It’s also called Biscuit quilts.

Throw Quilt

This type of quilt is formed as a decoration and thrown over the rear of a couch or chair; it’ll be smaller than a bed quilt but bigger than a lap quilt.

Watercolour Quilt

This is a gorgeous quilt made from small square blocks ( usually 2 inch square) of printed fabrics leading to a quilt that appears like an impressionist watercolor painting. Another name for this quilt is colour wash quilt.

Trapunto Quilt

These sorts of quilts will have yarn or batting as an inner layer, creating a dimensional look when quilting stitches are made. 

Wall Quilt

This type of quilt isn’t meant for the bed- they’re used as a decoration and persisted on the wall. they’re small in size. you’ll also call it a quilted hanging.

Whole Cloth Quilt

This quilt features a quilt top that is formed from one single large piece of cloth. It’s also called white-on-white quilting.

Scrap Quilt

Quilts are often made from regular fabric pieces and may still be called a scrap quilt if they need blocks made from many various fabrics of various colours and patterns.

This quilt is formed from fabric scraps you’ve got saved from other projects or cut out from old clothes. It uses fabric pieces in several colours and patterns – because the blocks are made from the material scraps the colours are randomly placed and not planned love it is typically for quilt blocks. 

Presentation Quilt

This is a quilt with elaborately applique designs which is formed to mark a special event or as a present to someone who is moving away. The inspiration fabric of the quilt was usually white in colour. Another name is the Baltimore Album Quilt.

Throw Quilt

This type of quilt is formed as a decoration and thrown over the rear of a couch or chair; it’ll be smaller than a bed quilt but bigger than a lap quilt.

Patchwork Quilt

This is a quilt made from different fabric pieces sewn together to make a block – it might be a set of various patches, shapes, strips, or blocks of fabric and that they are all sewn together to make a design for the quilt top. The patchwork quilts are made from scrap fabric pieces that are taken from used clothing, or other leftover fabric.

Medallion Quilt

This quilt type has an outsized central block/area/motif which can be defined/framed by clever stitching of a border or another way. The central motif is typically appliqued, but it could even be a dominant textile pattern or piece. The remainder of the quilt top is planned to reinforce the effect of the middle motif.

One-patch block Quilt

This is a sort of quilt made entirely with one, and a straightforward sort of block/patch – the only repeating shapes that would be a triangle, square, hexagons a diamond, a clam shape, etc. are sewn together to form the pieced quilt top

Crazy Patch Quilt

There’ll not be a specific design to the way the material pieces are laid out. During this sort of quilt, you’ll join your scrap pieces the way you would like to, to form the quilt top.

The seams lines and therefore the whole quilt is decorated with embroidery stitches, beadwork, trims, etc.

Friendship Quilt

This is the name given to the sort of quilt given as a present to relatives/friends, made to commemorate special occasions or a move to a different place. It’s usually made as a present to a beloved, constructed out of blocks lovingly made by many various people then joined together as a tribute to their love for a special person. The quilt could also be signed, dated, or contain verses and messages.


These are the 14 commonest quilt types you’ll encounter as a beginner within the embroidery digitizing company.

Note that you are not limited to these quilts only. There are numerous other quilts available for your use. It all boils down to what results you want to achieve. 

If you’ve got any questions on the subject or anything associated with quilting, be happy to reach out to us MigDigitizing.

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