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Why does mold appear in our homes?

Why does mold appear in our homes?

Let’s face it, mold is such a ubiquitous fungus that you can find it everywhere. However, if you have noticed it in your house, it means that you need to get rid of it as soon as possible because it not only spoils the look of your place but is also dangerous to your health. Mold is such a big problem that the companies which carry out regular cleaning services can’t cope with it. That’s why so many firms which specialize in mold remediation, for example, mold remediation services Milwaukee have appeared in the market.

Why does mold appear in our homes?

Mold is a fungus that is very difficult to fight. Before initiating the process of mold extermination, you must know the necessary information and understand a few important things about this annoying uninvited guest. Even professional staff providing mold remediation services in Milwaukee first acquire theoretical knowledge and only then gets down to practical cleaning.

Here are some important facts about this fungus:

  • Mold appears and grows really fast on the premises where the level of humidity is high. If the humidity level is 60% and higher, it is the perfect environment for mold to appear and grow rapidly.
  • Another interesting fact is that mold is not afraid of the cold. What’s more, it is able to survive even when the temperature drops below zero. However, it’s difficult for mold to spread at sub-zero temperatures.

Some species of mold can be pretty innocuous, like ones used in the food industry. We all know, and some of us even love foods like moldy cheese or moldy smoked sausage. These products actually contain mold that does not reproduce and is, therefore, safe for humans. However, you should know that there are some types of mold that can pose the greatest threat to human health. Its spores release various toxins that cause a number of diseases.

Remember that mold is not harmful to a person as long as it does not allow its spores to multiply. It is the spores that cause several chronic respiratory diseases as well as allergies. This type of mold is the one that mold remediation services in Milwaukee mostly deal with.

What’s more, mold spoils the surfaces on which it has settled. The fungus feeds on organic matter and water, plus it does not need sunlight like plants, so it most often chooses wooden surfaces to grow on. Concrete or plastic surfaces may also be affected, though.

How can mold get into your newly built home? Did you know that there are mold spores in the air that can enter your home from outside? In countries with rather humid climates, there are excellent conditions for the formation of mold not only indoors but also in the external environment.

Why does mold appear in the bathroom first?

More often than not, mold remediation services Milwaukee eliminate mold in the bathroom. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the ventilation system in a bathroom is much weaker than in other rooms. Secondly, the air in the bathroom is always warm and humid, which is the ideal condition for mold to flourish.

All in all, if your house is clean, dry, and fresh, and everything is sufficiently protected from moisture, then mold should not be a problem.

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