Guide: Selecting your Air Conditioning Contractor

Guide: Selecting your Air Conditioning Contractor

Selecting the right air conditioning contractor, either for your home or business, is a difficult task. It is okay not to be sure who the suitable contractor for the job will be. However, your search ends here. Read this blog to know if your contractor is right for you.

Guide: Selecting your Air Conditioning Contractor

The primary function of a residential air conditioning unit is to cool and dehumidify the interior atmosphere of your house. It also allows the circulation of fresh air into your home, venting the stale air from inside the rooms. This prevents foul odor in your home and makes it more oxygen-rich & healthy.

Commercial Air Conditioning is very popular and finds vast applications in the manufacturing, cold chain, and other industries. Just as Residential Air Conditioning is used to maintain the temperature of your home, it is used for bigger applications – over extensive offices and for achieving different cooling & dehumidification over a wider area.

There are multiple types of air conditioning services that your contractor may offer. Air Conditioning company London is one of the most air conditioning contractors out there. The most popular Air conditioning service in London are:

Residential air conditioning

Installing a residential air conditioning unit is in high demand nowadays in and around London. With increasing temperature & humidity, the demand for air conditioner services has seen growth in recent years. These are the most important functions of a domestic air-conditioner-

  1. Reducing ambient air temperature

The basic function of residential air conditioning is to cool the ambient air. Inhabitants of the house continuously dissipate heat which increases the ambient air temperature. The residential air conditioning unit transfers this extra heat to the external air, keeping the internal temperature stable and within desired ranges.

  1. Reducing moisture content in ambient air

Dehumidification is the removal of moisture from the internal air to keep its humidity at acceptable levels. The air conditioner reduces the temperature of the air to the Dew Point at which moisture contained in the air condenses into droplets, which are subsequently collected and removed.

Modern residential air conditioners have a dehumidification cycle during which the compressor runs & the fan slows down. The evaporator temperature drops & more water gets condensed. This mechanism prevents back leakage of moisture into the internal space.

The exclusive services provided by Air Conditioning London are the best Air Conditioners servicing in and around London. They inspect & make necessary servicing of your air conditioning system to integrate it with your building, such that it works seamlessly with your daily life. Using regular air conditioner servicing makes your air conditioner last much longer.

Commercial air conditioning

Your air conditioning contractor may offer commercial air conditioning services as well. Do make sure to ask your contractor this. This is used in areas far more expensive than your home, like Offices, Shops & Cafes. If a contractor does commercial services, he can probably suggest alternate modes which may be beneficial to you. As they help numerous purposes, they have different heating or cooling abilities, multiple designs & outlines. They are of three major types:

  1. Single Split Air Conditioning

These are the simplest & affordable ones, although they consume more space. As they cover individual rooms, they are ideal for small cafes, restaurants, small offices & server rooms. The significant advantage is – even if one system breaks down, the other ones remain unaffected.

  1. Multi-Split Air Conditioning

They are like single split systems but can attach nine inside units to one outside unit. These are ideal in larger organizations like hospitals, business offices & big restaurants.

As they have rarer outdoor units, your building’s look is conserved. It can combine multiple internal walls or air conditioning maintenance in London. Though, these are a little more exclusive & hence are popular with higher organizations.

  1. VRF/VRV Air Conditioning

These are the best comprehensive solutions for medium to large offices and are also the most cost-effective. They are incredibly efficient, reliable, easily controlled & capable of satisfying all the cooling needs of larger buildings. But these are complicated systems, so it requires some maintenance.

Some of the leading brands stocked by air conditioning maintenance London are listed below. They are the best air conditioning service provider providing air conditioner servicing around London for all these brands.

Brands About Residential Air


Commercial Air


Daikin Air



Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company with a long experience in making the best quality air conditioning systems Yes Yes
Toshiba Air



Manufacturers & Global Suppliers of World-Class Air-Conditioning Systems with best in class energy efficiency & comfort Yes Yes
Mitsubishi Air



Mitsubishi are world leaders in air conditioning technology for residential, commercial & industrial applications. They provide classic performance in varied climatic conditions, are very energy-efficient with the smallest environmental impact. Yes Yes
Fujitsu Air



Fujitsu is the best Air Conditioning Solution Provider for all your residential and commercial air conditioning needs. Yes Yes
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