Bernie’s Plumbing and Heating Co Inc in Boulder, CO

Bernie's Plumbing and Heating Co Inc in Boulder, CO

Bernie’s Plumbing is a terrible plumbing service. They double charge customers and mess up their work. In my case, they installed a new water heater unnecessarily far away. The owner, Mike, misled me and even admitted that the work was not requested by someone else. I would not recommend Bernie’s Plumbing to anyone. We have had bad experiences with other plumbers, but this one is the worst.

Webster Bernie Plumbing & Heating

Established in 1986, Webster Bernie Plumbing & Heating operates as a business in Rutland, Vermont, United States. It is primarily involved in the Plumbing Contractors industry. Although the company has other locations, it maintains its local business operations in Rutland. The company currently has two employees and generates annual revenue of $294,388. This business is categorized under the Construction-Special Trade Contractors sector.

The company operates in the category of Plumbing Contractors. It was founded in 1996 and is incorporated in the state of VT. It employs about 2 people. It is located at 204 Lincoln Avenue, Mill Village. The company has been in business for about 17 years. The company has received various awards for its work. Customers can also leave feedback on Webster Bernie Plumbing & Heating’s Facebook and Google+ pages.


Bernie’s Plumbing and Heating Co Inc is a company that employs 7 people in Boulder, CO. The company specializes in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, and related trades. The company has been in business for 43 years and has 7 employees at one location. The company has a veteran and minority owner. Bernie’s Plumbing employees are knowledgeable and hard-working. They are able to provide quality service at competitive prices.

To hire a plumber, you should have at least two years of experience. Many plumbing companies aren’t licensed, but Bernie’s Plumbing and Heating, Co. is a fully licensed and insured company. It also has insurance and bonds that protect clients from being scammed. You can even pay by credit card with PayPal or by check. If you have a credit card, you should ask about Net 20 billing. The company accepts credit cards, personal checks, and Discover. They also provide cash service.


If you’re in the market for a new plumbing or heating company, consider the services of Bernie’s Plumbing and Heating Co Inc in Boulder, CO. This company specializes in Plumbing Contractors and employs around 7 people at their single location. Bernie’s Plumbing sales data can be misleading, because actual sales figures may be higher or lower than those reported on D&B Hoovers. For the latest financial statements, visit the company’s website.

Their work is often a disaster and the prices are often doubled. The plumber who installed my new water heater was far from where I requested it to be installed, and Mike misled me into thinking it was a customer request. I was angry and disappointed when Mike admitted he’d made a mistake and installed my new water heater in a different location. However, I later found out that Bernie’s had been installed in the wrong place, and that I’d been overcharged.

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